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Sep 26, 2016 In: Wine 101

2016 Harvest: Day 23

Sep­tem­ber 14th is the 23rd day of har­vest and a very excit­ing mile­stone for our har­vest sea­son. Today, we began pick­ing grenache grapes for our rosé wine. Up to this point, we have picked sauvi­gnon blanc, chardon­nay, and viog­nier grapes for our white wine collection…

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Sep 19, 2016 In: Wine 101

2016 Harvest: Day 15 + Day 16

Sep­tem­ber 6th and 7th are Day 15 and 16 of our har­vest sea­son, when our crew takes a break from the vine­yard to han­dle some very impor­tant tasks. First up: pack­ing the Quar­ter 3

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Sep 15, 2016 In: Wine 101

2016 Harvest: Day 11

Did you know that white wine is made dif­fer­ent­ly than red wine? Take a look at our 11th day of har­vest, Sep­tem­ber 2nd, as we explain the first step of craft­ing white wine…

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Sep 12, 2016 In: Wine 101

2016 Harvest: Day 8

Most white wine grapes mature ear­li­er than red wine grapes, so the begin­ning few weeks of our har­vest sea­son are ded­i­cat­ed to pick­ing and pro­cess­ing our Chardon­nay and Viog­nier grapes. On the eighth day of our 2016 har­vest, August 30th, we picked…

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Sep 7, 2016 In: Wine 101

2016 Harvest: Day 4

On the fourth day of our 2016 har­vest, August 26th, we give you a glimpse of what hap­pens in the win­ery before we decide to pick a sec­tion (known as a block) of our vineyard…

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Aug 31, 2016 In: Wine 101

2016 Harvest: Day 1

This year, we decid­ed to give our fans an insid­er’s look into what it takes to turn grapes into wine. We’ll be post­ing videos here every week show­ing you what we’re up to in the vine­yard and in the win­ery, break­ing down the wine­mak­ing process and explain­ing how we cre­ate such deli­cious wine…

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Apr 20, 2016 In: Press Wine 101

Sierra Club’s 5 Great Biodynamic Wines

We are hon­ored to have our 2013 Cuvee le Bec includ­ed in the Sier­ra Club Magazine’s recent arti­cle, 5 Great Bio­dy­nam­ic Wines, writ­ten by lifestyle edi­tor Avi­tal Andrews. Hugh Preece, the oper­at­ing part­ner of Salt Creek Grille in Prince­ton, New Jer­sey, man­ages the restaurant’s list of more than 75 wines. One of his favorites is Beck­men Vine­yards’ 2013 Cuvee Le …

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Beckmen wine shipment

Sep 23, 2015 In: Wine 101

Why is my wine shipment delayed?

You ordered the per­fect wine, you’re look­ing for­ward to pop­ping that cork, and savor­ing the deli­cious bev­er­age inside. Or maybe you found an excel­lent win­ery, joined their wine club, and look for­ward to receiv­ing con­sis­tent ship­ments, deliv­ered straight to your doorstep. But, the win­ery tells you your order has been delayed due to weath­er. Why?

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Steve beckmen wine futures

Sep 1, 2015 In: Wine 101

What is Wine Futures?

Once a year, winer­ies across the globe open their cel­lars for a unique sale: Wine Futures. Top cus­tomers, jour­nal­ists, and whole­sale buy­ers alike are giv­en the exclu­sive oppor­tu­ni­ty to taste and pur­chase wine, before it’s bot­tled, when it is still aging in barrel. 

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