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Launching Our Wine Club Referral Program

We fre­quent­ly hear from our mem­bers how much they love being a part of our Wine Club. Over the years, our mem­bers have become our biggest ambas­sadors, shar­ing and rec­om­mend­ing our wines with friends and fam­i­ly. At long last, we’ve cre­at­ed a way to reward our mem­bers for spread­ing the good word about our wines and wine­mak­ing phi­los­o­phy: a Wine Club refer­ral program!

Mem­bers now have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to receive a $30 coupon for every new Wine Club mem­ber they refer. Their $30 coupon can be applied to online, phone, or email orders from our wine shop. These coupons don’t expire and mem­bers can com­bine mul­ti­ple coupons to one order; if a mem­ber makes five refer­rals, they can receive $150 off an order of deli­cious Beck­men wines!

We’ve sweet­ened the deal even more… when a mem­ber refers some­one to our Club, the new mem­ber also receives a reward! The new mem­ber will receive ship­ping includ­ed on their first quar­ter­ly Wine Club release. 

A $30 coupon for you, sav­ing on ship­ping for them, it’s a no brainer.

How it Works

Exist­ing Wine Club mem­bers can refer new mem­bers to the Club fol­low­ing these sim­ple steps:

  1. Login to your online account and click Man­age Account”. 
  2. In your account infor­ma­tion, click the Refer a Friend” button. 
  3. Send your unique URL with a per­son­al­ized mes­sage to friends and fam­i­ly via email, text, Face­book, Twit­ter, and more. There is no lim­it to how many peo­ple you can refer!
  4. Once they reg­is­ter for the Club using your unique link, and their first release has been billed, we will email you a $30 coupon. 
  5. Redeem your $30 coupon for any online, phone, email, or tast­ing room wine order (the coupon is not valid for Wine Club releas­es, ship­ping, or tax).

You’re wel­come to call us at 8056888664 (exten­sion 210 for Wine Club) if you need any assistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We wel­come any feed­back you may have on this refer­ral program. 

Here are a few ques­tions we’ve received since launch­ing the program:

Please Note: Each coupon code can only be used once. So if you have an order that is less than $30, you can­not apply some of the coupon to this order and save the remain­ing bal­ance for anoth­er order. 

Ques­tion: How will I receive my $30 coupon after I make a refer­ral?
Answer: Your coupon will be emailed to you after the new mem­ber has been billed for their first quar­ter­ly release. 

Ques­tion: I can’t find my unique URL. Where do I locate it?
If you are already logged into your account, click My Account” and then look for the black Refer a Friend” but­ton. If you aren’t logged in, click Log In” and after enter­ing your cre­den­tials, click Man­age Account”, then the black Refer a Friend” but­ton. Your URL is high­light­ed in blue about half way down this Refer a Friend page. 

Ques­tion: How do you know I was the per­son who referred my friend or fam­i­ly mem­ber?
Answer: Your unique refer­ral URL, found after you login to your online Beck­men account, is linked to our Wine Club soft­ware. We are noti­fied when some­one joins our Club after click­ing your URL.

Ques­tion: My broth­er said he signed up for the Club, but I haven’t received my $30 coupon. What do I do?
Answer: It’s pos­si­ble he did­n’t click your unique URL and joined the Club by access­ing our web­site direct­ly. Or, he could have deferred his first ship­ment to the next quar­ter (so we haven’t actu­al­ly billed him for his first release). If you think you should’ve received a coupon by now, con­tact our Wine Club man­ag­er, either by email­ing wineclub@​beckmenvineyards.​com or call­ing 8056888664 exten­sion 210.

Ques­tion: Can I apply my $30 coupons to my quar­ter­ly Wine Club release?
Answer: No, these coupons can only be applied to new orders placed by phone, email, or online.

Ques­tion: I have mul­ti­ple $30 coupons — can I redeem them all on one order?
Answer: Yes! Sim­ply enter each code fol­lowed by a com­ma in the OFFER CODE” field at check-out. Just remem­ber, a coupon code can­not be entered more than once so make sure the sub total is a large enough value. 

Ques­tion: I have enough coupons for a free order, so why is it show­ing I still need to pay $18.50?
Answer: These coupons can­not be applied to ship­ping or tax, so it’s most like­ly charg­ing you for one or both of those. 

Ques­tion: I’ve referred friends to become mem­bers in years past. Do I get any coupons for those refer­rals?
Answer: No, our refer­ral pro­gram is only valid for new Club sign-ups since July 2019

Ques­tion: My mom just reg­is­tered for the Club but delayed the ship­ping for her first ship­ment for a month because she’s trav­el­ling and won’t be home to sign for a pack­age. Can I just get my $30 coupon now?
Answer: Yes, as soon as we bill your mom for her first ship­ment, we will send you your $30 coupon. 

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