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Spring 2022

Beckmen pmv b6 budbreak6
Springtime Budbreak

In our Estate Vineyards

Spring­time is a peri­od of growth and renew­al in our vine­yards, as our vines wake up from their win­ter dor­man­cy and their buds come out to say hel­lo. The spring months are also a chal­leng­ing time of year due to the dan­ger of frost on the ten­der, young green shoots. We get some cold nights in the San­ta Ynez Val­ley, and if the tem­per­a­ture dips below 36°F (when ice can form) an alarm will alert Steve Beckmen’s cell phone, noti­fy­ing him to turn on the sprin­klers at the Thomas and Judith Beck­men Estate Vine­yard. By spray­ing water over the vine­yard, it allows the air around the vine to stay warmer than it nat­u­ral­ly would be. On Purisi­ma Moun­tain Vine­yard, we have over­head sprin­klers for frost pro­tec­tion on only rough­ly 10% of the grapevines. 

Beckmen pmv road b5b2 replanting
Beckmen pmv eastward april small
Beckmen racking grenache
Racking Grenache.

Inside our Winery

Dur­ing the spring months we begin our assem­blage – blend­ing our dif­fer­ent lots pri­or to bot­tling – for our 2021 red wines, which is a real­ly fun time as a wine­mak­er! It allows us a sneak pre­view of the next vintage. 

The bar­rel room remains a reflec­tion of the vine­yard. Dur­ing har­vest, we pick and fer­ment our grapes in small lots, enabling us to cap­ture the indi­vid­u­al­i­ty of each par­tic­u­lar block in both of the vine­yards. Each lot is kept in sep­a­rate bar­rel pro­grams, so when it comes time to blend­ing, we can take sam­ples from all of the dif­fer­ent bar­rels to cre­ate the final blend. 

This atten­tion to detail cre­ates wines with more depth and dis­tinct lay­ers of fla­vor; a cer­tain lot could include any­where from 1 – 2 bar­rels to 15 – 20 bar­rels, which is reflect­ed in the dif­fer­ent bot­tlings of our portfolio. 

Beckmen barrels spring2021

Applying BD Preparations

One of the key com­po­nents to bio­dy­nam­ic farm­ing is apply­ing eight dif­fer­ent prepa­ra­tions to our farm. These​“preps” are made from herbs, min­er­al sub­stances, and ani­mal manures, applied to the vine­yard and/​or the soil in minute dos­es, sim­i­lar to home­opa­thy for humans.

Spring is when we incor­po­rate our com­post into the vine­yard. The com­post is made from the manure of our farm ani­mals (cows, pigs and chick­ens) along with the BD com­post preps 502 – 507. This is applied through our drip sys­tem to enhance fer­til­i­ty and encour­age the growth of micro­bial life in the soil.

Once there is some vine growth lat­er in the spring, herbal teas are applied to help with any micronu­tri­ent needs, sap flow, and over­all health of the vine. These herbs include net­tles, chamomile, and dan­de­lion that we har­vest from around the farm.

We are proud to be the fifth largest cer­ti­fied bio­dy­nam­ic vine­yard in Cal­i­for­nia. Vis­it www​.deme​ter​-usa​.org to learn more about this holis­tic, proac­tive approach to farming. 

Beckmen TJ B4 march
Block Five of our Estate Vineyard

Visit Our Working Winery Estate

Fall is an incred­i­ble time of year to vis­it our estate in Los Olivos; the vine­yard is turn­ing a gold­en yel­low, and as the leaves start to fall, our grapevines are exposed. We’ve had a lit­tle bit of rain so we’re start­ing to see some green grass in the fields, too!

You can book your reser­va­tion here or call us at 8056888664 ext. 200. We are open for wine tast­ings and gaze­bo reser­va­tions dai­ly, and look for­ward to see­ing you soon!

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