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2013 Ballard Canyon PMV Syrah Viognier

Pmv Syrah Viognier

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The Syrah used in the 2013 PMV Syrah – Viognier was picked from a portion of Block Six, the section of our vineyard with the highest elevation and where the limestone soil is closest to the surface; this block continuously produces some of our highest quality fruit. The 2% Viognier imparts delicate aromas of rosemary, violets, sagebrush, and leather. On the palate are layers of black currents, juicy plum, licorice, and malt chocolate. All of these flavors integrate into a smooth, round finish with an elegant texture.

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  • 90 Points

    Wine Advocate

    One of the more savory, tan­nic efforts in the line­up, the 2013 Syrah Viog­nier Purisi­ma Moun­tain is a cofer­ment­ed blend of 98% destemmed Syrah and 2% whole-clus­ter Viog­nier that spent 16 months in neu­tral bar­rels. It exhibits plen­ty of vio­lets, plum pit, black­ber­ry and pep­pery herbs as well as full­bod­ied rich­ness, good, not great mid-palate con­cen­tra­tion, and notable tan­nin on the fin­ish. Giv­en the struc­ture, I’d like a tad more depth and con­cen­tra­tion, yet it’s still sol­id and will round into form nice­ly with anoth­er year in bot­tle. I sus­pect it’s best con­sumed before 2021.

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