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2020 Futures Tasting Kit

Futures sample bottle website

2020 Futures Tasting Kits are now sold out. You may submit your pre-order by clicking here.

Every fall, we open our cellar doors for the rare opportunity to taste and pre-order a selection of six of our small production red wines that are still aging in oak barrels during our annual Futures program. We have previously offered these barrel tastings at our winery, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have created specially designed Futures Tasting Kits. Each kit will include 50ml barrel samples of the six Futures wines, each wine’s specific winemaking details, our winemaker’s tasting notes, and an invitation to participate in a virtual Futures tasting with our Tasting Room Manager Neil Redmond between October 1 - November 22.

The greatest benefit to customers who pre-order wines during the Futures program is the ability to purchase these limited production wines at the lowest price that they will be offered, with discounts of up to 40%. Pre-ordering during Futures guarantees access to these low production wines.

Futures buyers can pre-order the six wines this fall and will not be billed for the wines until they are bottled and ready to be shipped at the end of this year and through next spring. The minimum pre-order per wine is 3 bottles, and the maximum pre-order per wine is 12 bottles. The six wines included in the 2020 Futures program are:
2019 PMV Grenache, 2019 Estate Grenache, 2019 PMV Clone #1 Syrah, 2018 PMV Block Six Syrah, 2018 Purisima Red Wine (only available during Futures), 2018 TLB.

Futures Tasting Kit: $30 each
No further discounts apply. The $30 is refunded if you order 12+ total Futures bottles.

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