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Biodynamic Farming

Bio­dy­nam­ic farm­ing is a sys­tem based on the 1920s teach­ings of Rudolph Stein­er, who was asked by his con­tem­po­raries to address the short­com­ing in food qual­i­ty from chem­i­cal based farm­ing. Bio­dy­nam­ic is the first sys­tem that can be con­sid­ered organ­ic” and is the root of organ­ic farming.

The sys­tem empha­sizes a holis­tic approach to your farm that views it as a self-sus­tain­ing organism.

The goal is to build soil health, diver­si­ty, and vital­i­ty cre­at­ing a nat­ur­al defense against pests and dis­eases for our vines. This is done through the use of the bio­dy­nam­ic preps, com­post­ing, live­stock, and till­ing while fol­low­ing the Bio­dy­nam­ic Plant­i­ng and Sow­ing cal­en­dar which helps us under­stand the best times for work­ing on our vines.

Dis­cov­er why wine­mak­er Steve Beck­men chose bio­dy­nam­ic farm­ing at Purisi­ma Moun­tain Vineyard.

Learn more about the his­to­ry and phi­los­o­phy of bio­dy­nam­ic farm­ing and how we imple­ment those prac­tices at Beck­men Vineyards.