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Current Release

Winter 2020

In our Estate Vineyards

Wine­mak­ing is a cycle, and as we enter the new year the cycle con­tin­ues with prun­ing all 150 acres of Beck­men grapevines. Our crew pass­es through the vine­yard twice: once for the ini­tial pre-prune of the canopy — clear­ing out the tall canes and brush — and sec­ond for the crit­i­cal final prune cut. Prun­ing is a very impor­tant task as it sets up the crop size on each vine for the year ahead. Each bud we leave behind will hope­ful­ly pro­duce a cou­ple of grape clus­ters come spring. A lot of oth­er fac­tors will affect the crop size through­out the grow­ing sea­son, but this is the first step to set the stage for the 2020 vintage. 

The grapevines may be bare and dor­mant, but our cov­er crops are grow­ing beau­ti­ful­ly due to the good rain­fall we received in the end of 2019. Every Decem­ber, we plant an organ­ic cov­er crop between the rows of grapevines as a nat­ur­al way to feed and add nitro­gen back into our soil. The crop is a mix of grass and legumes, includ­ing climb­ing peas, vetch, and beans, which we will con­tin­ue to grow until they start to flower. After flow­er­ing, we will mow each row and run a disc to incor­po­rate the ben­e­fi­cial, organ­ic plant mate­ri­als into the soil. The legumes have nitro­gen fix­ing nod­ules on their root sys­tems, which improves the health of our soil the most nat­ur­al way possible. 

Inside our Winery

We are gear­ing up for bot­tling sea­son! A lot of work must hap­pen before the wine goes into the bot­tle; we are busy fin­ish­ing blends — some­times a blend of all one vari­etal or some­times a blend of dif­fer­ent vari­etals — emp­ty­ing bar­rels, fill­ing tanks, and fin­ish­ing wines. We will be bot­tling dif­fer­ent wines for two to three days every month for the next six months. Our wines are bot­tled via a mobile bot­tling line, so if you see a semi-truck parked next to the win­ery you know what we are up to! 

Bar­rel man­age­ment is also an impor­tant task dur­ing the win­ter months. We taste every bar­rel of wine, mak­ing sure the wines are devel­op­ing well as they age and mature. We check the sec­ondary fer­men­ta­tion (mal­o­lac­tic fer­men­ta­tion, where mal­ic acid is con­vert­ed to lac­tic acid) which hap­pens after the pri­ma­ry (alco­hol) fer­men­ta­tion. This sec­ondary fer­men­ta­tion enhances the tex­ture and feel of the wine, adding a rounder, creami­er qual­i­ty. All our red wines will go through this sec­ondary fer­men­ta­tion, but we inhib­it it in most of our white wines.

Wines in This Release

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  • 2018 Purisima Mountain Vineyard Chardonnay

    The beautifully crisp and mineral-driven 2018 Purisima Mountain Vineyard Chardonnay is packed with layers of rich flavors that continue to evolve as the wine breathes. Decant this bottle and watch as the palate flows from notes of dried lemons to apricots, and baked golden apples to tart pineapple, all with subtle undertones of caramel. The long-lasting finish is further highlighted by a bright, mouth-watering acidity.

    Shipping included on all orders. Enter the code PURISIMA at checkout to redeem.

  • 2018 Estate Grenache

    The second vintage of Estate Grenache - grown on the warm gravel of the southernmost three acres on the Thomas and Judith Beckmen Estate Vineyard - features a different profile than the 2017 vintage. A longer hang time allowed the Grenache grapes to develop bolder flavors and complexities, featuring opulent fruit flavors and tannins that feel like cocoa powder across the palate. Aged in 500L puncheon barrels with 15% new French oak, the aromas and flavors of ripe black cherries and dark plums are beautifully balanced with baker’s spices, anise, and clove.

    Shipping included on all orders. Enter the code PURISIMA at checkout to redeem.

  • 2018 Cuvee le Bec

    Our namesake red blend is back and bursting out of the glass! While the 45% Syrah is still dominant on the palate, the 39% Grenache is the first to greet you on the nose, with aromas of maraschino cherries, licorice, and fresh wild herbs. The earthy mouthfeel is complemented by flavors of ripe blueberries, jammy red cherries, and juicy blackberries. The 9% Mourvedre and 7% Counoise lend a balance to the 2018 Cuvee le Bec, reflecting the complex layers brought about by different picks in the vineyard and various winemaking techniques. A true crowd pleaser! Drink now through 2038.

    Shipping included on all orders. Enter the code PURISIMA at checkout to redeem.

  • 2017 TLB

    The final wine to be released from the 2017 vintage is arguably the best wine we crafted that year: the TLB. With seven more months in barrel than previous vintages, including 75% new French oak, this co-fermented blend of 85% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Syrah is refined and packed with layers of flavor. The bouquet is overflowing with aromas of raspberry jam, cocoa powder, and vanilla. The palate then moves into bold flavors of black plums, blackberries, dark cherries, and ripe blueberries! All of this helps mask the bold tannins that can carry this wine for decades. We recommend decanting this wine if you are going to enjoy it soon.

    Sold out upon the 2020 Winter Wine Club Release. Join our Wine Club to be able to enjoy the 2018 vintage, to be released in 2021.