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2019 Ballard Canyon 1NGREDIENT Chardonnay

1 NGREDIENT beckmen bottle shot

A new release under our 1NGREDIENT label.

Winemaker Steve Beckmen tasted this wine over several consecutive days, and here are his thoughts:

The color is reminiscent of a beautiful Santa Ynez Valley sunset - golden, copper, and orange. The nose is focused and complex with nutty apple, pear, citrus, and mineral aromas that evolve to reveal some butterscotch and caramel with air. It comes across much riper than a 12.7% alcohol Chardonnay. The mouth is very complex and interesting with bright, focused candied lemon, chalk (from the clay pots), lime, pear, apple, and mineral flavors. The texture exhibits a nice softness and roundness that is balanced by the grip from the tannins and acid providing a nice edge to the wines’ creaminess. While light on its feet, the wine is packed with flavor. The finish is stunning, lasting well over a minute where the citrus and mineral flavors slowly evolve into Asian pear and caramel notes. The bright acid helps keep the flavors pumping through the finish. This wine will easily age for 20+ years or more. Crafted from 100% certified biodynamic grapes.

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