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2016 Harvest: Day 4

Har­vest is undoubt­ed­ly the most excit­ing time of year at Beck­men Vine­yards. Our year-round vine­yard crew is busy hand­pick­ing our grapes dur­ing the night and into the ear­ly morn­ing, deliv­er­ing them to the win­ery for our wine­mak­er, Steve Beck­men, and his team to turn into wine. From late August to ear­ly Novem­ber, we will be pro­cess­ing tons of grapes from the 150 acres of grapevines we grow. It is an excit­ing and dynam­ic process that varies every year, keep­ing us on our toes even after 22 vin­tages of mak­ing wine. Fol­low along as we doc­u­ment our 2016 har­vest season.

On the fourth day of our 2016 har­vest, August 26th, we give you a glimpse of what hap­pens in the win­ery before we decide to pick a sec­tion (known as a block) of our vineyard.

Check back for more footage of our har­vest sea­son as we con­tin­ue to doc­u­ment the mak­ing of the 2016 vintage!

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