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Beckmen 2017 grenache whole cluster HR

Forbes: Holiday Gift Guide 2019: The Top Biodynamic Wines

Posted: Nov 15, 2019

We’ve always rec­om­mend­ed gift­ing wine dur­ing the hol­i­day sea­son. Who would­n’t want to unwrap a bot­tle from a hard-to-find pro­duc­er, or try a new vari­etal or style you’ve nev­er tast­ed before? Bet­ter yet, what if the win­ery was cer­ti­fied bio­dy­nam­ic and you were able to enlight­en the receiv­er to the most nat­ur­al way of farm­ing in the world? A great wine like this is impres­sive to receive as a gift, plus you know the receiv­er will be cre­at­ing won­der­ful mem­o­ries as they savor the bot­tle’s contents. 

Thus, we were ecsta­t­ic to find out our 2017 PMV Grenache Whole Clus­ter was select­ed in Amber Gib­son’s lat­est Forbes arti­cle, Hol­i­day Gift Guide 2019: The Top Bio­dy­nam­ic Wines. While bio­dy­nam­ic farm­ing is gain­ing more trac­tion in the Unit­ed States in the past decade, bio­dy­nam­ic farm­ing has been a way of life for many peo­ple in France, Spain, Italy, Ger­many, Aus­tria, and New Zealand for many decades. We strong­ly encour­age learn­ing more about this way of farm­ing and sup­port­ing pro­duc­ers wher­ev­er you may find them! (Check out your local gro­cer, you may be sur­prised at what you find once you take the time to look. No bio­dy­nam­ic prod­ucts? Ask for them to start sell­ing some!)

Click here to read the full Forbes article.

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