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Steve beckmen winemaker cellar

Vineyard & Winery Management: Syrah Strikes Back”

Steve Beck­men was recent­ly inter­viewed in the Vine­yard & Win­ery Man­age­ment arti­cle Syrah Strikes Back, fea­tured in the 2015 November/​December issue.

In the arti­cle, wine jour­nal­ist Tim Teich­grae­ber dis­cuss­es why the demand for Syrah is now steadi­ly increas­ing after years of trou­bled sales, as well as iden­ti­fy­ing the gen­er­al style of Amer­i­can Syrah. Oth­er notable Syrah wine­mak­ers includ­ed in the arti­cle are Bob Lindquist of Qupé, and Lynn Pen­ner-Ash, of Pen­ner-Ash Wine Cellars.

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